My clients were looking to get married with just a few close friends and family looking on. It was to be held in a square in Savannah, GA underneath a gazebo. The bride to be was looking for a fun, vintage inspired "we are finally getting married" feel with a canteloupe and pistachio color scheme. She also requested that a "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" DVD be sent along with the invites to give her guests an insight into the fabulous city.

I suggested we use a vintage box of sorts to mail the invite and itinerary along with the DVD. Cigar boxes ended up being the perfect size and weight (for shipping purposes) so I found 4 unique boxes, added a suede pull tab (which also reflects other parts of the invitation suite) and lined them with handmade paper. The invitations were placed together with the itinerary and had a "pull here" leather string to separate the two. I wrapped the DVDs in crumpled brown kraft paper and secured it with the same leather string. 

The need for a menu and gift tags were among the items I designed. The client wanted the menu to rest upon the plates and the gift tags were small announcements for her to tie to gift bags for her guests. 
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