Karen Prevatt of Living Tall is a dear friend of mine and a well established life/executive coach located in Savannah, Ga however she has clients from all over the country. She came to me needing/wanting to update to her logo and website. Her logo prior to this below was a bit tired with the color palette and cursive font choice that was hard to read. Overall, it just didn't serve her and her business any longer after 10 years. This updated logo gives a crisper, cleaner look and it also boasts a new tagline that better fits the purpose of reaching her clients with clarity about what she offers. As far as design elements go, she loves the idea of acorns and how they can turn into oak trees... similar to living tall in life as you reach for clarity of purpose. The addition of an acorn was added inside the "a" as well as it is used as a general mark/favicon. We kept the overall palette of green/black but updated it to a fresher, livelier green with few pops of the color poppy on the website. 
Karen's previous website had great SEO and tons of info, however she felt it was cluttered and needed it to be cleaner and serve her clients better. On top of wanting a blog, she also wanted clients to be able to book appointments online so we integrated with Acuity. There are a few password protected pages for her clients and mentor coaching, an intro page, about, gettting started and contact as well as sign up for Mailchimp. Overall, the site came together really nicely. With advice from her prior hosting company, we left in the same url sitemap for the most part which didn't mess up her rankings during the transfer and now she is gaining clients directly from people seeking her services online. 
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